It is a very great opportunity which you have taken, to begin the global love and gratitude meditation.

When people connect around the world in the wavelength of love and gratitude it sends ripples all around the globe and even into the atmosphere and the ionosphere.
Love and gratitude is the greatest power there is.
As humans are brought up in the misunderstanding how life should be, and that they can be grateful only if certain conditions are fulfilled, the vibration of love and gratitude has dramatically decreased on your planet.  Because of the lack of love and gratitude many things have happened:

  • Your protective shield around each one of you has weakened
  • The overall affinity to dis-ease. disaster , and negative thoughts has increased
  • And negative thinking creates negative events.
  • There is much more, we will talk about these things later


  • If you can vibrate in the wavelength of love and gratitude first your own life will take a very positive, joyful turn. You are beginning to attract all the goodness there is.


  • And even more importantly, when you vibrate on the wavelength of love and gratitude it reaches to all the living beings around you and changes their lives.” All the living beings” includes humans, animals, birds, rock, water, clouds, rivers, oceans, everything you can see and even everything you cannot see. Life is ALL AROUND you.


To connect with the Earth Guardians and to receive the wisdom and insight from a greater intelligence, you need to vibrate on the frequency of love and gratitude. Tune your radio to the frequency of love and gratitude and you will receive the broadcast.

You cannot imagine the greatness of the power of love and gratitude. .It can move mountains. It can restore the atmosphere. It can clean the oceans and rivers. It can bring life!

For the people in Japan love and gratitude is especially important, because of the nuclear contamination. Love and gratitude is the wavelength of protection from nuclear radiation.
Be sure you are filled with it.
Release the shock from your system.
Use every help you can get.
Explore NewLife cocoon.
And use Love and gratitude crystals.
They will give you a very good dose of LOVE and GRATITUDE.

When you begin the meditation, start with invocation.
Say your name in a voice loud enough so you can hear your own voice:  I am……
Connect with someone you love and trust, Your Master… a friend
and then become available, say loudly:
I am here to receive the frequency of love and gratitude and to share it with all the living beings, our beautiful planet, and today especially with japan and the people of Japan and the afflicted area around Fukushima.
Use your own words….

Then close your eyes.
Hold the love and gratitude crystal in your hands. Feel it!
 (If you don’t have a crystal, imagine someone wise and loving handing you a ball of vibrant energy filled with love and gratitude. Hold it in your hands. Feel it!)
And now just allow the energy to fill you completely. You may have memories of people or events in your life that have filled you with love and gratitude. There is nothing for you to do. Just allow it to happen.

After twenty minutes you will be filled.
Now imagine that your spirit- body is expanding more and more until you are so vast, you can see your beautiful blue planet being very small, the size of an orange.
Feel the love and gratitude you have inside yourself. Feel the love you have for this tiny, wonderful, beautiful blue planet, which is your home.
Gently, slowly take the Earth into your both hands and now allow love and gratitude to flow into her. Feel the flow of energy. And feel how Earth is receptive, and how she drinks from you.
For those who have the blue crystal ball of the “Natural Frequency of the New Planet Earth”, take it into your hands, hold it lovingly and gently and allow love and gratitude to flow from your hands into the blue crystal. This is a very very powerful way of transmitting to the Earth, as the crystals is energized in such a way, that it directly connects to the astral body of the earth.
Take very good care of this crystal always, as it receives everything that you transmit to it. So please don’t drop it, or bump it anywhere. Be aware that whatever happens to your crystal happens to the Earth.

Let Love and gratitude flow into the Earth.
Feel how she receives.
And send some extra energy to Japan and to the area around Fukushima, and to all life there.

After 15 minutes gently place the Earth back where she belongs and come back to your normal state of being.
Bow down and be silent for a while.

Thank you for sharing your love!

Afterwards if you like, we can share what we have experienced.


We would like to support the nature and all the living beings in Japan. Especially after the big earthquake/ tsunami of March 2011 we all feel the danger.

     What is the meaning of the earthquake/ tsunami for people in Japan?

     In which way can Earth Guardian Circle support?


Tsunami and earthquake has been a happening which came so unexpectedly, yet not unexpected. Everyone expected a very big earthquake. Maybe you agree that it was fortunate that it has been moved, not to strike in the Tokyo area. The mind and meditation power of hundreds of millions of people have supported in a way, so that the earthquake could not directly hit Tokyo, as was its original design. We are telling you this so you can begin to understand and appreciate the immense power of human intention.

Let us say this much: the destructive intention behind this particular earthquake was immense and the compassion of many has been able to give it another direction. It was not possible for those who gave their being to rescue, to totally dissipate the destructive energy, but they have been able to relocate it slightly, so it became slightly less destructive. Had the earthquake hit Tokyo directly, many more people would have died.

This is just so you understand the power of human intention.
Earth Guardian Circle will teach you how to use this power in the name of love and compassion for a new life on your beautiful planet. Ewe are here to offer guidance and inspiration.

The people of Japan can play a very significant role in the coming era of transition. It is not only Japan which is going through the turmoil of a new birth. It is the whole planet.

The people of Japan have one very great plus in their way of living. They know how to pool their energies into a bigger whole. They can act as a group. What they have to learn is to start trusting their own individuality.  Do not anymore depend on your leaders.  Begin to trust your own intelligence and your own way of seeing, perceiving and understanding.  Then pool your energies to heal the planet.

Healing the planet is just a by-product of healing yourselves. When all the human beings fall in tune with LIFE, the planet is healed.
It is only the self-inflicted suffering of humans which has created the destruction of the natural balance of ALL THERE IS.

So in some way the earthquake/ tsunami and now the danger of radiation had a POSITIVE outcome in people of Japan. They are AWAKE now. Ready to grow.
The atomic crisis is something nobody can ignore. Nobody can go back to sleep. You will have to develop your POWER TO CREATE.

This is where Earth Guardian Circle can help you. The Guardians will teach you.
Please be receptive and open and trusting.
 Be ready to learn new ways.
Be ready to be powerful beyond your imagination.
Because power in humans was not conscious, it was used for destruction.
Now learn to use POWER to be CREATIVE.
Learn how to create a balance in ALL THERE IS.
Learn to understand that LIFE is EVERWHERE, all around you.
And learn that humans are NOT the most intelligent species in the universe.
Connect to the intelligence of the guardians.
We are here to support you and your beautiful planet in the transition.


What is the significance of Earth Guardian Circle?

The Earth Guardian Circle is the tool to connect to the greater intelligence, the Guardians, to those who KNOW about balance, who see planet Earth in its real state and who can redirect the movement of destruction. They cannot interfere. They need humans as receivers and mediums for their wisdom to take roots on Earth. Earth Guardian Circle has all the answers you need for the restoring of the natural well-being of your beautiful planet and all its living beings.

 What can we do? What is expected of us? What is the highest purpose?

Listen.  Be receptive. Understand. Let love flow. Be humble. And grateful. That is the most important thing. Connect with the Guardians. Step by step you will be told. As your intelligence grows, you will see clearly a path before you.  Walk it! Hold your beautiful earth close to your heart. Love it! Give your being. Let the energy of the Guardians take root on Earth.

From where does the Earth Guardian Circle come?

The Earth Guardian Circle is a gift from the all- loving……. BEING…… to the people of planet earth. Understand how vast the universe is, and how small your bodies and your self. And how vast is your spirit and how it is one with ALL- THERE- IS. The all- loving- BEING has sent you a gift which will make you capable to ignite the gift of life here on planet earth.
Be part of cosmic intelligence.

Will you guide us through each frequency?

Dear friends , on 11th of Sept. we will start an ongoing “Earth Guardian Circle ” Transmission around the world. Anyone can participate. We will have a Skype Video transmission for those of you who want to participate. For those who dont have Skype, you are very welcome to join the meditation part.
We will receive the wavelength of Love and Gratitude for 20 Minutes, then send it to our beautiful blue planet.
The meditation starts at 10 am and ends 10.40 am.
you can jon through facebook   http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=284658091550405#!/event.php?eid=284658091550405
In the next few days please watch there for more info ……
or connect through a reply here on this post.
The Frequency of Love and gratitude is the spark of CREATION. Mr. Masaru Emoto (watercrystals) has found, that the frequency of love and gratitude can even heal radioactive water in such a way, that it turns into healthy water. This is almost a miracle!It is powerful!
This first transmision is dedicated to our friends in Japan, and to the afflicted area around Fukushima.
Lets share our love, our gratitude.
Lets us be part of CONSCiOUS CREATION of heaven on Earth
Liebe Freunde, am 11. Sep. startet eine fortlaufende “Earth Gurardian Circle” Übertragung auf der ganzen Welt. Jeder kann teilnehmen. Du kannst an einer Skype Video Übertragung Transmission- teilnehmen.
Wenn du kein Skype hast bist du herzlich eingeladen bei der Meditation mitzumachen. Wir werden die Frequenz Love and Gratitude für 20 Minuten empfangen und sie dann an unseren wundervollen Planeten senden.
Die Meditation beginnt um 10.00 Uhr und endet um 10.40 Uhr
Schau in den nächsten Tagen wieder rein für weitere Informationen.Die Frequenz der Liebe und Dankbarkeit ist der Funke zum Erschaffen von allem. Masaru Emoto hat herausgefunden, dass die Frequenz Liebe und Dankbarkeit sogar radioaktiv verseuchtes Wasser heilen kann, es wird trinkbar. Das ist ein Wunder und sehr sehr kraftvoll.
Die erste Übertragung ist unseren Japanischen Freunden gewidmet, und der zerstörten Gegend um Fukushima.
Lasst uns Teil sein der bewussten Erschaffung vom Himmel auf Erden.

Mr. Emoto has started a world movement of prayer for the polluted water near the Fukushima atomic plant in japan. We can join.

There is an ancient circle of stones in Mt. Aso
after a long long drive we finally found it.

WE built up the Earth Guardian Circle there.

It was cold and windy,
but the energy of this place was AMAZING!

Once you walked up the mountain, you could see endlessly
into all the four directions,
and the ancient stones
were casting their energy lines
to all the power spots far and wide in Japan .

here we made our invocation

invoked the Guardians to assist us
in taking care of our beautiful blue planet.

Earth and Sky were deeply felt:
And the light showering from a higher place:
We all connected to the light
and offered our bodies
to be
the anchors for light
here on Earth.

We felt the light flowing through our bodies
entering from the crown
flowing through the bodies
and flowing into  the Earth from our feet.

We all felt the ground respond.

* It was so cold,
so we did not stay very  long
but if I have the chance to
someday visit this magi9cal place again,
I would love to spend hours and hours
and days and days here

It is a very MAGICAL place



There is a beautiful spring  in Mount Aso….
it is so clear
and alive
just being near it
one feels nourished and refreshed….

We built up the Earth Guardian Circle there,
Made our invocation with Guardian of the Sweet Waters
and asked this pure clear water
to absorb the information from the Guardian
and transmit it to all the living sweet water around the Earth.




We began to chant AUM while the energy of Earth Guardian Circle was building up

the water spring responded so visibly and clearly:

it became more alive
bigger in size
the movement of water welling up
faster and the circles wider

all of us witnessed it.

The atmosphere changed
birdsongs all over the place
and the trees surrounding the spring
seemed to bow down
and smile upon us.
They were so happy!

This is not just poetry:

This really happened.
We are a witness to it.

The water well was nourished and strengthened
and became even clearer
and the promise was made
that it transmit the frequency to all the living sweet waters.

were so happy
and could not stop laughing and dancing with joy*

Mount Aso (阿蘇山, Aso-san) is the largest active volcano in Japan,
and is among the largest in the world.

Its peak is 1592 m above sea level.
Its caldera is 25 km across north to south and 18 km
across east to west.
The caldera has a circumference of around 120 km,
although sources vary on the exact distance.

The central cone group of Aso consists of five mountains:
Mt.Naka, Mt.Neko, Mt.Taka, Mt. Eboshi, and Mt.Kishima.

Last major eruption of Mt.Naka was in 1993, but still the summit is
regularly declared off limit due to toxic gas emission


We were invited by our beautiful friend Chika to visit this extraordinary place.
Our journey started early in the morning in Fukuoka city, with blue sky and brilliant bright sunlight. We were happy to have such a beautiful day for our journey.
The closer we came to Mount Aso though, the colder it became, and when we reached it, it was hidden in clouds. Our original plan was to go to the highest place, to enjoy the view, but when we were almost up, we could hardly see a thing, the clouds were so thick. So we decided to stay at the shrine near the top, and make our invocation for the survival of our beautiful Earth here.

What a powerful place! We were told by Hosaka-san, one of our friend, a medium  and guide on this mystical  tour, that this spot is one of the meridians and a very powerful connection to all of Japan. I had a very strong feeling to go behind the Shrine. There I was met by a fence and many signs in Japnese which said: Dont enter! Danger! Dont go here! I was told it was because of the poisonous gases which come out from mother Earth here. But I had this very strong urge to go there! So I climbed the fence, and soon all of us where on the “other side”. And now  it was clear to all of us: We had to build up the Earth Guardian Circle HERE! And we did!

It was the first time ever that we built up the Earth Guardian Circle  on a power spot. I was thrilled. Now I see: YES! That is what we are supposed to do!



I understoodhere  that a power spot is an acupuncture point of Mother Earth. From here we can tranmit to all of  Earth, just the way an acupuncturist puts his needles on a point and treats faraway organs from this tiny point.
Ahhhh, I GOT IT!

We held hands and  invoked that from this power spot the energy of Earth Guardian Circle move all over Japan. The Earth became calm and quiet with our meditation,  and we invoked that this quietness of Earth spread all over Japan, and that this quietness  prevent earthquakes. We all felt it! The Earth beneath our feet became so calm, so still, and then the wind, whichuntil then  had blown strongly, also disappeared. Such silence!
All of us were awed by the recognition that the Earth had received our invocation, and she was  responding!
We all felt it! Ahhhhh, what happiness!

Part of our happy team: (from left to right)
Masako, sampatti, Mana-san, Chika, Hosaka-san